Riverparc is a luxurious bungalow parc near the city of Arnhem. Located on a peninsula in a newly created lake, we built several hundreds of beautiful bungalows for vacation and renting purposes. The bungalows, spatious enough to accomodate up to eight people, are available for renting per week, month or even per year. Being very close to the German border you'll be in Düsseldorf within the hour.

Most of our bungalows are available for longterm rent, but you can easily extend your stay with a week or even a day.

Companies with the need of relocating employees can rent one of our bungalows to accomodate them. And also for local seminars or congresses the parc offers suitable accomodations.

Riverparc offers full-service rent, so any luxury you'll possibly need is available. Each bungalow has it's own well-equiped kitchen and besides that there are two highly recommended restaurants at the parc.

Most of the bungalows are located along the lakeside, close to a private beach and sailing and yachting possibilities. At 500 meters of the parc a newly built hippic centre offers horseback riding. Riverparc has a private parkingplace and nearby there are public transportation facilities.

For prices and all other inquiries, please call us at +31 313 632271 or use the mailform.